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CEE Digital Services Matchmaking Summit


Ticket Reservation details - 13 January 2021:



*This event is hosted on the Hopin.to platform.



The platforms include 1-on-1 pre-arranged Video meetings; and Hopin is a new, cutting-edge technology for complex events, including: simultaneous broadcasting of the Main Stage/Plenary sessions; Workshop/Break-out sessions; Virtual Networking; and Virtual Booths.

We have a 2-tiered ticket reservation system - plus the "CEE Solutions Showcase" option:



Pricing (and deadlines):


Early-Bird Reservations Deadline: 31st December. (10% discount off all Single Tickets.)



Registration is below (final deadline: 8 January)

For companies interested in the 15-minute CEE Solutions Showcase (limited to only 10 companies).

Ticket Reservation Form: