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IT firm Intetics taps into post-Soviet technical talent

An Interview with Intetics founder Boris Kontsevoi:


When British computer scientist Tim Berners-Lee launched the first-ever website in 1991, few people could even see it. But Belarusian Boris Kontsevoi was intrigued.

Four years later, Kontsevoi founded the software company that would later be known as Intetics to develop software for the early internet.

Belarus did not have its own internet provider at the time, so Kontsevoi and his four partners used their single laptop to connect to a host in Germany and access the web.

“The internet company was established without the internet,” Kontsevoi told the Kyiv Post.

Kontsevoi had already been a computer system designer before founding Intetics in January 1995, but only after the Soviet Union collapse did he come to believe he could run his own tech business.

At first, his company operated under the name Client-Server Programs. It was renamed Intetics in 2003, which is a combination of three words: Internet, Technology and Ethics.

More than two decades have passed since then, and Intetics is now a global software company that has over 700 employees operating from 11 offices in six different countries: the United States (Naples, Chicago and Wilmette), Germany (Dusseldorf), the United Kingdom (London), Belarus (Minsk), Poland (Krakow) and Ukraine (Kyiv, Kharkiv and Lviv).

Headquartered in Naples in southwest Florida, Intetics is now an American company with Belarusian roots. It develops software for different purposes.

Professional teams of specialists at the company conduct interviews with clients to understand their needs and elaborate on their ideas. Though the company mainly focuses on software product development, it also provides other services like IT support, quality assurance and data processing.

“We don’t just produce software — we come up with solutions for our customers,” Irina Dubovik, the company’s digital marketing director, told the Kyiv Post.

Intetics serves customers all over the world, but most of its developers are based in Eastern European countries like Ukraine. Kontsevoi said he sees a lot of “technical talent in Ukraine.”

One of the company’s most significant contributions is the creation of a digital map in Ukraine. The navigation system is used in more than half of the cars in the country, according to Kontsevoi, who is also a member of Forbes Tech Council.

The IT firm has also created and adopted a framework called Predictive Software Engineering that helps companies assess the performance of outsourcing companies and track development progress.

Serving wide range of industries from agriculture to education, Intetics has been recognized as one of the world’s best outsourcing service providers by the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals for 15 years in a row.

The company is one of the few businesses that have specialized in web development since the internet’s early days. Now Kontsevoi’s goal is “to grow faster than the competition and move into top 10 outsourcing companies in eastern Europe.”


Year founded: 1995
CEO, president and founder: Boris Kontsevoi
Number of employees: 700+
Motto: “Be one step ahead of the competition.”

Source: KyivPost

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