CEE Digital Services


CEE Digital Services Matchmaking Summit

"Connecting CEE Tech talent to global markets"

13 January 2021

Poland. Hungary. Ukraine. Romania. Bulgaria. Serbia. Czech Republic. Slovakia. Lithuania. Latvia. Belarus. Moldova.

1-on-1 Matchmaking meetings limited to just 30 digital buyers and "gatekeepers" and 60 digital services providers.

New for Q1 event:


Our 3rd quarterly CEE Digital Services Matchmaking Summit is set for 13 January 2021, a focused 1-day event to connect global technology buyers (primarily in western Europe, Scandinavia, UK, US and Japan) with top digital services providers from Central Eastern Europe. Our previous events (June and September) have included more than 225 guests, 59 Speakers, and 178 direct meetings (1-on-1).


Our previous events (June and September) have included more than 225 guests, 59 Speakers, and 178 direct meetings (1-on-1).


The 3rd quarterly event will build on our experiences, with the event Theme: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.


First of all, some big news about this 3rd edition and how we will start strong in 2021:

  • 1-on-1 pre-arranged video-meetings function str - active (finally!) on the Hopin platform by mid-December. That's really welcome news, which means just one platform for the whole event. Seamless, easy and effective.
  • Announcing the 1st CEE Digital Services Awards! A 100% online Awards event at the end of the daytime Summit. Top 5 Apps from CEE. To be voted on by an independent Jury of 20 top execs (global buyers of tech/digital).
  • CEE Solutions Showcase. A new way to present your digital solution on stage to the full audience: 15 minutes case-study of a digital solution to a business problem. Limited to just 10 companies, all Showcases are automatically submitted to the Awards. Ask for details regarding Showcases: tb(at)biznespolska.pl (or 48-508-143-963). Deadline: 6 January!
  • Thematic focus in January on Artificial Intelligence - and AI's offspring Machine Learning.
  • Spotlight on Belarus: We'll be inviting any and all tech/digital companies from Belarus to attend complimentary; and showcasing just 5 of the hottest CEE City-locations for relocation.
  • Clutch Database Partnership. We have just finalized our agreement with Clutch to re-position their CEE-based digital companies' Database on a subsite of www.CeeDigitalServices.eu. It will be active from 30 November.


The Conferences section: we expect about 150 attendees to join to listen to more than 25 VIP Speakers, addressing the digital/tech opportunities between CEE and their markets, including US, UK, Japan, Australia, Nordics, Germany and Austria.


Plus for a limited number of participants: 1-on-1 pre-arranged Video meetings (Matchmaking). The Matchmaking portion of the event is limited to just 30 digital buyers and 60 digital services providers from CEE (290euro/250euro for Partner Associations).


https://www.ceedigitalservices.eu/agendas.php See 12+ videos from our last events in June or September.


Background to the Matchmaking event: We are connecting CEE Tech talent to global markets and we are covering the CEE markets of: Poland. Ukraine. Romania. Hungary. Bulgaria. Serbia. Czech Republic. Slovakia. Lithuania. Latvia. Belarus. Moldova.


The Platforms - Hopin: We are using the Hopin Platform again. This is a 100% online event with some unusual, cutting-edge features supported by our UK-based technology partner Hopin.to, including:

  • Live-streaming of all Main sessions and Breakout/Workshop Sessions for more specific, deep-dive subjects; and embedded webinars from 3rd party partners.
  • Networking area (with Invitation-only access)(featuring a random generator technical tool for establishing new contacts; every 5 minutes)
  • Live and Static Information Booths with Video Meetings and Video-streaming.


International Partners: We are pleased to have as new partners several key Associations, Chambers, and media:

  • Germany the AHK Germany-Poland Chamber will promote the event to their German corporates and partners.
  • Advantage Austria  will promote the event to their Austrian corporate partners.
  • Scottish Business Network.
  • British Polish Chamber of Commerce.


And we will be announcing 35 more before 15 December (from the US, Canada, and Nordics). These networks are key gatekeepers to corporate buyers, and their members are significant buyers of digital services.


3 Ways you can participate:


  • Join the Summit Presentations. Complimentary to members of our Association Partners. Simply Register here. (and then you'll get access to the Hopin platform 3 days before the event).
  • Register for Summit Presentations and 1-on-1 Meetings via Hopin platform (290 euro for our Association partners; 390euro for non-partners.). While the quality and quantity of your meetings will be affected by the quality of your registered-profile, and the willingness of attendees to accept your meeting requests, we provide a guaranty of minimum 3 meetings (or 100% money-back).
  • Three additional ways to Boost your Brand and raise awareness of your Company at the CEE Digital Services Matchmaking Summit (Contact Thom Barnhardt re details.):
    • Live Information Booths - (limited to 3):
    • Static-only Information Booths
    • Full Page Advertisement in the Event Brochure.


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