About CeeDSA

​​CEE Digital Services Association was created in spring 2020 to fill a need to connect CEE-based tech talent to global corporate buyers.

Our niche is introducing CEE-based companies to international partners, allies, and strategic investors, and we do this via our Associations, Websites&Newsletters, Events 100% online, physical Events, and Social Media.

We have deep experience in Poland and CEE over the last 25 years. Based primarily in Warsaw, CEE Business Media Inc. was founded by Thom Barnhardt.

We cover Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Romania, Serbia, Bulgaria, Belarus, Moldova - and Ukraine. We are focused on connecting large global investors with cities/locations in CEE, and believe that global investors first look at the region, then drill down to a country and a specific city to look for business partners.


  • European Business Services Association

  • Cee Digital Services Association



Events 100% online:

  • CEE Digital Services Matchmaking - 18 June 2020

  • CEE Business Services Virtual Summit - 20 May 2020


Events live and in-person:

  • CEE X-Tech Awards - October 2020, Warsaw (3rd annual)

  • CEE Business Services Awards, 3-4 February 2021, Warsaw. (9th annual)

  • Japan-Europe Investment Awards - 22 April 2021, Warsaw or Tokyo (2nd annual)

  • USA-CEE Investment Awards - June 2021, New York (4th annual)


Advisory Board

Our Advisory Board meets quarterly to provide advice, suggestions and recommendations about strategy, expanding our network, and improvements to our Events (online and live), Directory, websites, and newsletters. We have specifically targeted board members who have international networks yet with experiences working with CEE-based digital companies.

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About Us

Our niche is connecting CEE-based digital companies to global technology buyers, international partners and strategic investors, and we do this via our Events 100% online, physical Events, Association Website & Newsletter, and Social Media.



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Warsaw Poland




+48 605 332 319